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PoetAR is an on-going project exploring the possible interconnections between poetic texts, spoken-word practices and responsive typography. Its uses AR tools to offer site-specific immersive experiences

Merav perez, Matan Zohar, Daniel Grumer 

About PoetAR


Using AR tools we are developing real-time and site-specific interpretations of poetic texts and spoken-word practices. Since the very nature of these practices is temporal, ephemeral, and spatial, we are looking for new visual tools within an AR application that could capture the uniqueness and transiency of every reading. 

Our project begins with a simple gesture of generating a virtual sculpture. After the user reads each line of the poetic text, he can place it in space, creating an exciting interplay between literal meaning and spatial conditions. Some of our tests are based on the activist poem "Oh, My Bank" by Tahel Frosh. By reading and positioning "Oh, My Bank" on the facade of a local bank and its advesrtising, the blunt and defiant nature of the poetic text is being amplified as a political expression that is aimed towards social change.

The project is now entering an ambitious phase, developing a dedicated hand-writing parametric font. Each letter, and every letter combination, will have a few variables that change according to vocal parameters, such as dynamics of tone. Sound is being translated from intensities and particularities to a visual and spatial output. By analysing vocal input, we can display different typographic layouts, that capture the uniqueness of every different act of reading. By bringing these into the public realm we aim at offering a new experience for poets, spoken-word artists, and readers alike.

PoetAr at Vicis Exhibition, Munich 2018

During the opening event of the exhibition VICIS // ALWAYS CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM, part of the munich creative business week 2018, a dedicated version of the PoetAR application will be presented and tested on-site. The visitors will be able to download the application and sculpt their own typographical virtual graffiti while exploring the Bunker spaces. Given the nature of the exhibition space, this version of the app is based on excerpts from Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by the French writer Georges Perec (1974).  The juxtaposition of Perec’s strong lines about “The Uninhabitable [spaces]”, against the walls of the Bunker, will amplify and enhance the text with new meanings in every personal interpretation of each visitor.


This version of the application is using the multilingual “Abraham” font, designed by Daniel Grumer.

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